Longpast Line

The Latest High-Yield and High-Digestibility Flour Mix

Mix of durum-wheat grain and soya flour producing a highly digestible pizza without a long rising time in the fridge, thanks to the addition of ‘dried sourdough’ (Biga).
An easy-to-use mix for a high-quality pizza.

LONGPAST is exceptional for every type of preparation:

  • Pizza in pala alla romana (Roman board Pizza)

  • Roman-style or Foggia-style Pizza in teglia (pizza in a pan)

  • Traditional Round Pizza

  • Super tasty Piadina (flat bread) for kebab

Longpast Rosso


Suitable for every type of dough: pizza in pala (board pizza), pizza in teglia (pizza in a pan), and round pizza, with short rising times from 1 to 12 hours in a pizza dough container.

Longpast Giallo


Flour mix suitable for highly digestible short and medium rising dough.
Exceptional for
Pizza in pala (board pizza) and for the Foggia-style rising in a pan.

Longpast Viola


Mix of grain and soya flour, with the addition of dried sourdough and durum-wheat semolina.
Suitable for dough made directly in the
teglia (pan) or pala (board) with a rising time from 1 to 12 hours.

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