Linea Pizzasnella®

Pizzasnella Line Includes Special Flour Mixes Designed for Every Type of Dough Making.

Inimitable since 1981: a grain and soya flour mix for a highly digestible pizza tasting like bread made the old-fashioned way

A higher water content is “fixed” during baking, the dough is softer, and the life on the pizza counter is longer: that’s the secret of a different and inimitable pizza.
Recommended for medium and long rising ‘ventilated’ dough.

New: the sourdough (biga) added to the dough speeds up the fermentation process, making the dough more digestible.

The secret of a successful pizza is a dough that tastes better than the toppings.

Pizzasnella Rosa Mix


Special flour mix for Roman-style Pizza in Teglia (pizza in a pan)
Rising time 24-120 hours

Pizzasnella Verde Mix


Flour mix for Roman-style Pizza in Pala (board pizza)
Rising time 24-120 hours

Pizzasnella Giallo Mix


Flour mix for the traditional round pizza super-dough
Rising time 24-120 hours

Pizzasnella Ciano Mix


Perfect flour mix for every type of dough
Rising time 6-48 hours

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