Company and History


The Di Marco company has operated in the professional Pizza business since 1981. The head of this Roman business is Corrado Di Marco, a veteran in the bakery business that learnt the basics from his grandfatherbaker at a historic bakery in Rome – when he was a child.

It is precisely in 1981 that Corrado discovered the Pizzasnella mix, a product specific for the Roman-style Pizza in teglia (pizza in a pan) that revolutionized the market of pizzerias al taglio (by the slice). 

Fats were eliminated from dough for the first time, and long rising came into fashion. A more digestible and fragrant product was preferred – an actual revolution in the Pizza business.

The leading invention surely remains the Pinsa Romana. Created in 2001 by Mr. Di Marco, this product is now popular all over the world and receives countless positive feedback. 

Mr. Di Marco’s strength is undoubtedly his great ability to anticipate market needs (sometimes even decades in advance). That is why he is always very much appreciated by customers.


Di Marco’s family (Corrado with his wife and 3 sons: Enrico, Alberto and Francesco), together with their staff – growing larger and larger -, have passionately worked in the new 2,500 sq.m. establishment in Guidonia Montecelio, just outside Rome, since 2008.

The previous headquarter of the company was based in Via Colli della Serpentara, Rome.

The upper floor of the plant has been used for the production of top-quality pre-cooked and quick-frozen pizza bases and small pre-leavened and quick-frozen dough balls for professional use only since a few years. Those products can perfectly meet the needs and quality targets of the professionals in the business. 

Products are quick-frozen using an inert cryogenic gas (nitrogen), thus safeguarding the environment from the use of fossil fuels for generators and from the emission of other greenhouse gases (CO2).

The ground floor consists of the secretary’s office and the laboratory where the popular flour mixes are made.

The Expert Pinsa Romana Flour Mix products, the Hand-made Pizza Bases, and the White Rice Spolvero are all Kosher and Halal certified.

Besides ‘taking out of the oven’ innovative products, one of the company’s main tasks is to supply pizzerias located all around Italy and abroad. This is done thanks to a vast distribution network that puts the company in direct contact with its clients. 

Everything is done always taking special care of the environment. The production plant covers most of its own energy needs thanks to a 90kWP rooftop photovoltaic system fully operational since the beginning of 2011.


Di Marco’s has been associated with quality in the pizza business since the beginning of the 1980s. As already highlighted, the company’s strength is its continuous innovation aiming at adapting ancient traditions to the more modern and advanced work technologies.

Corrado Di Marco is the descendant of an ancient Roman bread-maker family. In 1981 he started to change the way he made pizza by using the famous ‘ventilated’ dough. His idea to make a new type of highly digestible pizza came out after watching the pizzas made by his customers – to whom he supplied fats.

The pizza dough was made using poor/medium quality flour mixes, with the addition of a lot of lard, oil or margarine to make it crispier. Sugar, malt, and milk were also added to make the cooked dough brown quicker, so that this was left less time in the oven to evaporate.

The idea to use very high protein content flour mixes that can retain water during baking has greatly improved the resistance of the dough during the rising process, so as to allow a slow fermentation process in the fridge.

Fats were totally eliminated, except for a very small quantity of extra virgin olive oil. The addition of soy flour allows to produce the same crispy and fragrant effect, with the advantage of having a low-calorie and low-fat product.

Corrado Di Marco invented this new technique by revamping an ancient technique called ‘inverted sourdough’ (biga invertita) used by his grandfather – a baker. This immediately became a great success and encouraged Corrado to continuously innovate these processes in order to make them more and more suitable to the pizza makers’ and especially customers’ needs.

This process has been taught in the professional pizza maker training schools since 1992.
Today, the Di Marco Corrado business operates throughout Italy and worldwide, and is the leading company in the high-quality special pizza flour mix market. Its pizza flour mixes all ensure excellent results to professional pizza makers.