Full Technical and Start-up Training up Directly Onsite

Pinsa School is the consulting team specialised in the consultancy and start-up of Pinserias and Pizzerias. Thanks to the experience acquired in the industry, this company can provide professional and customisable services based on the customer’s needs.

The idea of the two founders, Marco Montuori and Luca Bucciarelli, supported by their experienced team of consultants and trainers, has contributed to opening 120 pizzerias and restaurants and training about 400 professionals in Italy and worldwide in just 2 years.

This testifies their solid experience and professionalism in providing comprehensive support and assistance for the opening, start-up, and optimisation of already existing restaurants.

Unlike training courses, consultancy includes a training focused directly on the relevant food service activities.

This format by Pinsa School is innovative and unique, and it provides customers with a successful service.

During consultancies, staff is trained on food preparation techniques (dough making, rising process, fermentation, toppings, and cooking). But exclusive and state-of-the-art services are also provided to optimise revenues and the end product quality: estimate of food cost, creation of menus (prices, recipes, and graphic design if necessary), and a consultancy to buy furniture and equipment (based on the business needs).

Besides consultancy, Pinsa School organises specific courses on Pinsa Romana and cooperates closely with the Association OPR (Originale Pinsa Romana). The Association performs Pinsa quality checks in the restaurants that want to receive the ‘Original Pinseria’ certification.

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