about Pinsa, Pizza and our work

The entire Pinsa team at Sigep 2020

Video made by Azienda in Fiera during the Sigep of Rimini

Pinsa School and its team of consultants and instructors

Marco Montuori talks about the training work done by Pinsa School all over the world

Corrado and Alberto Di Marco – Sigep 2013

Interview of some years ago during the SIGEP of Rimini

The Pinsa on “Ricette all’Italiana”

Mediaset TV service on the Pinsa at our company

Alberto Di Marco Testimonial

Alberto Di Marco testimonial of the Giudice Artigenio project

The Pinsa Romana on TG3

History and Processing of Pinsa directly from TG3 RAI

The new Teglia Romana

The PROMO video on the product evolution of the Teglia Romana – Pizza Al Taglio

Marco Montuori tells the Pinsa

Marco Montuori some years ago interviewed during a consultancy

Mannequin Challenge

A nice Manniquin Challenge at the Sigep 2017 fair

Maurizio Capodicasa at work

Maurizio Capodicasa one of the icons of the Pinsa product at work