Classroom Training Held by the Best Professionals in the Industry

Pinsa School

Pinsa School organises intensive and professional courses on Pinsa Romana and Roman-Style Pizza in teglia (pizza in a pan) in specially equipped laboratories. Training is suitable for both beginners and experts already working in the field.
All the courses last 30 hours and are personally followed by Marco Montuori, the course director,
supported by 2 other trainers, to train and supervise trainees at best.

Pizza Consult

Pizza Consult is a project by Maurizio Capodicasa, a Rome-based expert Pizza maker, who has worked in close collaboration with Corrado Di Marco for years. Courses are organised in classes of 1-2 persons for duration of 24 hours and are held in specialised laboratories.

A Tavola con lo Chef

A Tavola con lo chef is the first private cookery school established in 1989. Its courses include also a Roman-style Pinsa making course held by Domenico de Rosa. This training centre is recognised by the Lazio Region.

Wine Food

Scuola Italiana di Ristorazione ( is a cookery school that organises different types of courses: from pizza making to cooking, up to ice-cream making.
The objective of is to train professionals with a knowledge of all food sectors.


Fa.St S.r.l. operates in the world of catering from the supply of products and equipment to the design from scratch of places such as pizzerias, pinserie, bars, restaurants and more. The Technical Director of the Training Section is the international Chef Fabrizio Sacchi. La Fa.St. Srl it carries out courses and start-ups for: classic pizza, Neapolitan pizza, Pinsa Romana, Pala Romana, Roman Pan Pizza, restaurant and bar desserts, bakery, restaurant bakery.

If you already have a business, you can request to receive training onsite. Click here for further info.