Pinsa Romana Line

The only real innovation in the Pizza business ensuring the best dough around in terms of quality and digestibility.

Pinsa is the ancient grain focaccia developed based on the ancient Roman tradition and made highly digestible thanks to a mix of grain flour, soya flour, and rice flour.

Combining ancient techniques and modern technology, the pizza maker can produce an unrivalled dough, with a crispy crust and soft crumb, the great taste of old-fashioned bread, and a very-high digestibility.



Flour mix specific for Pinsa and Round Pizza, to be prepared only with long-rising dough (24-72 hours) and cooked on the floor of the oven

Soft and crispy dough, different from the others sold on the market.



This flour mix is an evolution of the Orange Type. It enables dough making in a shorter time (12 to 72 hours) thanks to the higher quantity of grain sourdough (Biga).

The Green Type is also suitable for the preparation of Pinsa Romana, Pizza in pala (Pizza board) and Giant Pizza.

Flour mix for the preparation of the original Pinsa Romana.
Certified and approved by the Association:

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