Spolvero Line

Ideal to Prepare a Highly-Hydrated Dough, It Helps Keep the Dough Crispy after Baking.



Thermotreated rice semolina dries up and allows to kneat even extremely hydrated types of dough. It improves crispness and does not dirty.

  • Higher yield

  • It leaves the pizza ball dry and not sticky

  • It slides more than durum-wheat semolina

  • No lumps



Durum-wheat semolina ideal for low and medium hydration types of dough.
It makes dough crispy and look browned.

  • It does not dirty

  • It dries up every type of dough, including very soft dough

  • It makes pizza crispier and tastier

Flour mix for the preparation of the original Pinsa Romana.
Certified and approved by the Association:

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